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Music is all down to personal taste, for a wedding it needs to be a joint choice. It's should be something that is personal to you and your new husband, so why do we always hear the same songs? 

As a photographer, I've heard so many different songs played at key moments during the day. The ones that stand out to me most are the quirky, unusual, unheard songs.

Artists tend to write songs with an audience in mind, the money makers are songs that are played at weddings. How often do you see a first dance video floating around Facebook, featuring a popular romantic song? But does that song have a deep, personal, connection to you? With that in mind I asked a group of people what songs they are fed up of hearing at weddings. What songs are always played, taking away that unique feel to their friends/clients big day? 

Can you guess who was at the top?

As much as everyone loves his songs, Ed Sheeran topped the list! We all love a bit of Ed, don't get me wrong but it's because of that reason alone, we think it's becoming a less personal choice. Everyone is having him for their first dance! Christina Perri with "A Thousand Years" is another one of those songs and don't get me started on Bruno Mars "Marry You"! They're everywhere!  

Other songs that hit the list were: Black Eyed Peas "I Got a Feelin'", The Macarena and ChaChaSlide! 

I also asked them what songs they love to hear and what they had playing on their own wedding day? Want to know?

Topping my list as one of the best choices of songs for a wedding came from a past bride (that had the most laid back approach to her day). On exiting their ceremony the Bride and Groom walked out hand in hand to "Song 2" by Blur! Later on that evening, they were dragged in to the spotlight as their friend sang an amazing rendition of "Sweet Child O' Mine", for their first dance as husband and wife.

A bride-to-be shared her plans for her first dance song, an artist that I've never heard of but on searching for him, I fell in love. Luke Bryan - "Play it Again", it just sounds so perfect, it's romantic but not overplayed like most.

"Mardy Bum" - Arctic Monkeys made an appearance as a first dance song and the classic "Canon in D" - Pachelbel made an appearance during someones big day, but on the steel drums. My most recent couple walked in to the Romantic Flight of "How to Train your Dragon" - go take a listen to that! Its not what you'd expect a film to have and it works so well as a wedding song!

If you have a song in mind but it's too "out there" and you'd like to make it more wedding appropriate, check out Vitamin String Quartet - what they do is just perfect. 

What songs get you up and dancing at a wedding? What can't you stand? Let me know in the comments section.

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